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eskimo bob 27 eskimo bob 27

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LegendofKiado(unfinished) LegendofKiado(unfinished)

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it's ok....

but it really should be finished. this is something you should have completed and put out, you shouldn't leave it up to reviews and votes.
if it's something you wanted to do, who cares what anyone else thinks of it? do it anyway...half the stuff on newgrounds is shit, but ppl post it anyway.

nice work though, i wanna see the end soon ^_~

eskimo bob 26 eskimo bob 26

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is this the end of zombie shakespeare!

er...i mean, i love this ep, it's the best one out of all the end of sams! will i ever do his voice again!! *sniff* who knows...

make this #1 on the NG T50!!!! keep voting 5!

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Eskimo Bob Favs SoundBox Eskimo Bob Favs SoundBox

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hahah, this owns!

i love this man! i'm soooo puttin it up on the unofficial page!